I just installed openSUSE 10 using the KDE4 desktop, I am like so many people trying to configure my soundcard. BUT, I either can not find the ALSA control panel or alsa is not in the distribution. I can type alsamixer and make sure nothing is muted but I can not get to the control panel something that should look similar to this

I can not find the files either or anything in any directory that says alsa.

Unfortunetly I can not get my network working either so I am not able to actually download anything directly either. But first things first, sound. How can I get PCM data out of my sound card which is an onboard coax from a ASUS P5Q SE2 motherboard. VIA HD

Sorry that was openSUSE 11

Have a look at YaST > Hardware > Sound first.

Make sure you read this too:

FYI, sound config file is /etc/modprobe.d/sound

From the looks of it, I really don’t need PA…all I need is OSS and ALSA. I would like to have a PCM or digital signal out to my DAC. I would like to bypass any unnecessary internal mixing etc.

What I would like to do is use XMMS as a player with Squeezeslave, OSS/ALSA out PCM to my DAC.

This is going to be a HUGE learning curve for me, but I would like to try. Please if anyone has the knowledge that they would like to share in doing this your help would be much appreciated.


You could download all the required source packages from the Alsa project page and then you could try this script which I’ve found on the Ubunutu forum.

The script works with Ubuntu and Debian, but might also work with this Open Suse distribution.

Have you read the opensuse concepts and the sound concepts page?
concepts: Concepts - openSUSE
sound concepts: Sound-concepts - openSUSE

I think the first concepts page makes it clear that alsa comes with openSUSE. So you should have in place the software you need.

Yes I have read Sound-concepts…in fact that is were I got the image above.

However it does not explain why I have no lights in PA nor does it say how I can get to the control panel similar to the one in my original post.

Of course like others new to Linux I am shooting in the dark trying to figure out why and how things work or not work. I appreciate any and all responses that might at least help to me grasp on to something that might lead me in the right direction. I am much like a blind man trying to find his way through a maze while those who are familiar with Linux has full or at least partial sight and can guide themselves to some destination.

That looks to be gnome desktop specific. I use KDE3 and hence do not see such a panel.

Ok…no panel and I am guessing no need to make any adjustments in sound either.

I have read that for some people no extra downloading, compiling or configuring is needed…just download and play.

Unfortunately Linux to me is like an unfinished kit car that I need to piece together without a complete manual nor the necessary parts to make it run.

That reads more like frustration to me. … and fair enough … we all get frustrated.

I recommend you read the manuals, as openSUSE does come with them. Take a look at post # 10 here:
NEWBIES - Suse-11.0 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums

… and if you wish a summary, take a look here at openSUSE concepts, which has dozen’s of links to areas with more detail: Concepts - openSUSE

I have yet to find a PC operating system that has superior documentation. That documentation that came with the versions of win95, 98, 98se, 98me, winXP (and now MS-Vista) were pathetic in comparison. I recall the documentation from OS-2, and IMHO Linux documentation is superior to that. And even the MS-Dos/Dr-DOS documentation was IMHO not as good as what we have in place for Linux.

Thanks oldcpu,

You are right, I am a bit frustrated just growing pains I guess.

I should and will take the time to educate myself by doing some reading. Thanks for the information and links. I agree openSUSE is very well documented, I will take advantage of that fact.:slight_smile: