No Acpi on Dell Inspirion M5010 using OpenSUSE 12.1

Hello I am fairly new to Linux and I am having 2 issues that I think may be related. First I have no Acpi settings no battery indicator or power save options. Second I get a no touch pad error after the boot. Both problems lead me to believe that my Laptop thinks its a desktop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dell Inspiron M5010
AMD M880G Chipset
ATI Mobility Radeon HD4250 Graphics
AMD phenom II Triple core 2.3 Ghz


I’m not sure that there is a fix for this yet. A quick google search using 'M5010 acpi ’ and similar yields results showing problems across various distros (as expected). The following example is typical of that:

[ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.10 - Dell Inspiron M5010 - Ubuntu Forums](