No Access to Graphics Controller Management

I have an unusual situation here.

I recently upgraded my Dell Latitude D510 from 10.3 to 11.0, and while I ran into a few issues (WiFi, Cisco VPN, sound, etc) this particular issue has got me stumped…

I am unable to access several features related to the control of my graphics card.

  • Unable to run ‘yast2 x11’ or the “Graphics Card and Monitor” applet from the YaST Control Center.
  • The “Screensaver” applet from the Control Center will preview and launch a fullscreen preview, but will not execute when scheduled.
  • The “Lock Desktop” feature does not work, nor does the Ctrl+Alt+L keyboard shortcut.
  • Their doesn’t appear to be an option for “Lock Desktop” option under the “Keyboard Shortcuts” applet under the Control Center (or was it “Launch Screensaver”)
  • Command “gnome-screensaver-command --activate” returns "** Message: Screensaver is not running! "
  • gnome-power-preferences returns "** (gnome-power-preferences:13226): WARNING **: DBUS error: Could not get owner of name ‘org.gnome.ScreenSaver’: no such name ** (gnome-power-preferences:13226): DEBUG: proxy is NULL, maybe the daemon responsible for org.gnome.ScreenSaver is not running? "

Furthermore, I seem to have 2 video devices listed in the “Hardware Information” applet under “Display”:

  • Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller
  • 915GM

I also have 2 TL575 LCD Monitor monitors listed.

I’ve made sure my user was a member of the video group.

Anyone have an idea of what to do from here?

Enough, just ran clean install and all seems to work fine.