No 5.4 flavor LibreOffice for 42.3 ?

Am I not looking carefully enough ?



The policy with the stable (that is not Tumbleweed) versions is that a version is not changed during it’s lifetime. So a newer LO that came out after 42.3 was frozen, will only make it to the next openSUSE version (or maybe even a newer LO one if that is available at that time).

This to make a version stable for the user. No surprises in a changed user interface or functionality offering new features (or dropping features).

But security patches (and a few other patches called “recommended”) are offered during the life time of a version in the Update repos. They will be backported even if only delivered from upstream for a newer version of a product (thus the version number as you see it does not mean that a particular security patch, that is said to belong to a newer product version, is not in the version you have).

But, it may be the case the the newer (e.g. LO) version is build for Leap 42.3 by somebody and made available in one of the OBS repos. That is not “official” openSUSE Leap42.3 though.

And I have no idea if you were not looking carefully enough, as you do not explain what you did or where you looked.

Further to the difference between stable and “bleeding edge” software packages:
From download page; version 5.4.1 is described as experimental and for ealy adopters (i.e. Tumbleweed users), and version 5.3.6 as stable for enterprise use (which is a good match for Leap).

Just not in the right place.


    lsb_release -rd
        Description:    openSUSE Leap 42.3
        Release:        42.3

install from upstream

    tar zxvf ./LibreOffice_5.4.1_Linux_x86-64_rpm.tar.gz
    cd ./LibreOffice_5.4.1.2_Linux_x86-64_rpm/RPMS
    sudo rpm -Uvh *.rpm


    export PATH=/opt/libreoffice5.4/program:$PATH

launches & runs well enough

If you’re really adventurous, you could take a look at the openSUSE Factory Repository – it seems to currently have LibreOffice 5.4 – but, possibly more suited to Tumbleweed than Leap 42.3 . . . :<>

The Build status is here: <>

The question is good, given the fact that

  • many fresh software packages (from OBS) can be installed on Leap, if the user wants to, like Plasma 5.11
  • in the past, you could always choose the LibreOffice version by choosing the right OBS repo, also for Leap. You could even switch to a new feature release immediately on day one (like 5.4.0), if you wanted to. However, nowadays there is only

Does anyone know if and why this has changed? Or is there any plan when 5.4 will be available?
I’m not sure who is responsible for the 5.3 repo on OBS. How can I find out?

Le 12/11/2017 à 20:36, teetasse a écrit :

> choosing the right OBS repo, also for Leap. You could even switch to a

not sure if it’s an answer, but Leap is a stable version, not to get the
very last product

for libreoffice, it’s pretty simple to use the


This is not an answer to my question, sorry. The user decides what he wants (or needs!) to install. For example, many users are happy with a current Plasma 5.11 with Qt 5.9 and Frameworks 5.29 on Leap, it just works like a charm.

As choosing the LibreOffice version was possible for years, does anyone know, maybe from a mailing list, if this has changed?

An installation from is not the best option. With every version, you must download 2-3 big zip packages with many RPMs inside. You have to sort out the ones you don’t want to install afterwards, and repeat this procedure every month. This is not very convenient (unless someone knows a simpler solution for the update).

Looking around at the SUSE/openSUSE Libreoffice repositories for v5.4,

You can take your chances installing the Unstallable Factory version of Libreoffice, but it’s really intended for TW, not LEAP

I’m not sure what the Unstable Libreoffice for 42.3 is supposed to give you, it looks like the package versioning is on its own track and I don’t see 5.4.x versions of anything

It looks like there is at least a <stable> inofficial 5.3 release for 42.3


You can locate the obs for anything by starting with a search at Search, looking up the app and clicking on the package name in the results.

For Libreoffice 5.3,

And yes, you can always submit a “feature request” to to request something like a new build (of course, provide your reasons if necessary but in this case I suspect that 5.4 may be too new to introduce to 42.3).

You can always experiment with installing a Factory version on your own machine, but of course you’re treading into unknown territory with substantial risk. If you find it works though, of course I assume the Maintainer would like to know of your results.


On 09/06/2017 06:56 AM, interele wrote:
> Am I not looking carefully enough ?

Somewhat offtopic, but I tried 5.4 directly from LibreOffice and found the Visio
export to SVG to be totally broken now… switched back to 5.2.

Look at

Not sure how well Flatpack works on leap but this could be a neat solution for wanting to try out bleeding-edge versions on a LTS distro.