NNTP Forum Changes

We have made some changes to the “community” section of our forums on the NNTP side of the fence. We have set the “old” opensuse.community.* forums to read only for a while just for reference. We apologize for the inconvenience but we felt we had to make the change.

We were getting a lot of technical support type questions in the “Community” forums. A number of factors contributed to this such as forum names, descriptions, etc. One of these factors was the community forums being listed before the help forums in a standard NNTP reader. NNTP doesn’t support the renaming of forums, so in order to effectively “rename” the forum we had to create new forums and temporarily set the old forums to read only mode before they are deleted. The downside of this is that all the messages to date are not in the new forums. We
(staff) felt as this was non-technical information, and it’s
still available from the web interface and the read only NNTP forums, this was an acceptable trade off to make things work better ongoing.

Again, we apologize for messing with your forum experience.

Summary of the change:

The following forums have been set to read only and will be
removed shortly from the server:


The following NNTP forums have been put in place as replacements: