hi all,
i run opesuse 11.1 with kde4. instead of kde networkmanager i use gnome networkmanager with version 0.7.1 instead of 0.7.0 from official repos.
but since installation of networkmanager i can’t get nm-applet to start. normally it shows on task bar and i manage my network connections from there, but now i get this error:

nm-applet: symbol lookup error: nm-applet: undefined symbol: gtk_status_icon_set_tooltip_text

although network connections (well at least ones that are set to automatic connection) work, i still need nm-applet to use my mobile connection.
can anyone give me insight on this error message?

No insight, just an idea: you’re using a gnome applet to do the job in KDE4. Looks like you’re missing some gtk-packages.

Advice: try wicd (it’s available as a one-click install from Software Search on the openSUSE site). I’ve been using it as a replacement for the Networkmanager and it works great, indoor and outdoors.