NIS from fresh install

So I must be missing something, but what is the correct way to setup OpenSuse LEAP 42.1 to exclusively use NIS as the mode of authentication?

I have a completely fresh install, and as in previous versions don’t generate a local account during the installation process as all my users authenticate over NIS (but do set the root password). Installation completes successfully, but once installed I am unable to log in as there are no users (and NIS has yet to be configured) so I’m just left with a ‘Password’ prompt but nowhere to select/enter a username.

Now I could imagine a way around this (e.g. logging in to TTY1 as root and then configuring NIS via command line), but this seems like such an artificial problem that could be solved if there was a way to configure NIS from the login screen (using root). In previous versions of OpenSuse I could either configure NIS during installation (which relied all the networking working at installation, which was a bit hit and miss previously) OR once installation had completed I could log in to the GUI desktop as root to configure NIS via YaST that way. Both these options no longer seem to be available, and I’m kind of stumped that there is apparently no way to achieve this graphically, given there used to be?

So, am I missing something? What’s the correct way to configure a fresh install to use NIS out of the box? More specifically, is there any way to log in to OpenSuse LEAP 42.1 directly as root, or is this now impossible (which is obviously good from a security perspective but gets in the way of my previous fix).

Many thanks in advance.

It just kind of seems SDDM doesn’t really support NIS in many ways. If anyone finds this, I was able to go back to a more traditional username & password field login screen by installing and setting my display manager to kdm (see here for specific instructions).*

It is a SDDM issue either use another DM (KDM maybe) or select a SDDM theme that supports entering user name. I suspect the best way is to install normally with local user credentials then change in Yast afterwards. Where you can also set the network mounts.

The defaults are not congenial to what you want to do I’m afraid.