NIS accounts not recognized

Starting a month or two ago, I ceased to be able to log into the server in question with my NIS account. I can still log in as root. NIS is working, as witnessed by the fact that ypcat passwd provides the usual account info, but I can’t su the account in question and if I finger it, it tells me it doesn’t exist. My nsswitch.conf reads as follows (excluding comments):

passwd: compat
group: compat

hosts: files nis dns wins
networks: files dns

services: files nis
protocols: files
rpc: files
ethers: files
netmasks: files
netgroup: files nis
publickey: files

bootparams: files
automount: files nis
aliases: files nis
shadow: compat

None of the other NIS accounts I’ve tried are recognized either. Fortunately, I am the only regular user of this employer-owned box.