Nintendo Switch Pro Controller kernel module

I would like to use my Switch Pro Controller with various games. Searching found a few references to an HID kernel module that supports the controllers called hid-nintendo. I also found this reddit post,, that mentioned two things. First that kernels over 5.10 should have the module built-in and that a DKMS version was available for older versions. I checked the modules in my Leap 15.4 installation and did not find it so moved to building the DKMS version.

DKMS was already working thanks to my usage of Nvidia drivers so all I needed was the dkms program to build and install the module. Once the module was built and installed, with no errors, I tried to load it and got an error about the module not being signed. This didn’t surprise me as I’ve had to deal with this before so I moved on to signing the module with the sign-module script I found here: This worked with no errors so I tried to load the module again but this time got this error: **modprobe: ERROR: could not insert ‘hid_nintendo’: Key was rejected by service.
So I moved on to the next steps, checking that the key I used was enrolled and verifying the signature on the module. Using openssl I got the key info then used modinfo to verify that the module was signed with that key and mokutil to verify that the key was enrolled. Everything looked good yet the module would not load. Lastly I verified that all copies of the module were signed and found none that were not.

Looking for help at this point to find out what I missed. I did check the SLES kernel module signing guide but it only mentions signing modules to be installed via RPM packages. While I may be able to package this module it is not what I’m trying to do. I did check for an openSUSE package but only found one for Tumbleweed. I did not try to make that work yet.