NIC Issue


I am running opensuse 11.1 and VMWare Server 2. Opensuse is the host on a MSI MK9N2GM-FD motherboard. This has a built in Realtek 8211BL Fast Ethernet.

In My Computer in the KDE 4.1.3 Release 4.9 Desktop, Network status is unknown but works. I can connect to the internet. I have installed Cisco Call Manager 6.1 and XP as virtual machines and XP connects to the internet and I can connect to the Call Manager interface from XP. The problem is I can not get Windows Server 2003 (running on a virtual machine) NIC to work. In the hardware device it shows as an AMD PCNET Family PCI Ethernet Adapter. It shows as this in XP also. The last driver for the AMD PCNET was in 2007. This NIC is actually a RealTek 8211BL. When I try to update the driver it does not recognize the Realtek drivers as compatible.

To me it looks like opensuse is using a wrong driver (I am not sure what it is called for linux). Any ideas on how to make this work. Worst case senerio I go and purchase a supported nic in the Hardware Compatability List.


No it’s not, your virtual machine uses a virtualized NIC.

Your problem has nothing to do with your real NIC on your real system and is most likely Windows-related or a faulty configuration of VirtualBox and not a Linux problem.

Perhaps vmware, like VirtualBox offers a choice of a different NIC which is supported by recent OSes? I know that VB offers the E1000 virtual NIC to VMs as the AMD PCNet NIC is no longer supported in Windows.