nginx Web Server on Linux

Nowadays Desktop Computers are powerful enough to run server sofwares. There is the sort of installation known as WEMP (Windows, nginx, MySQL and PHP)where nginx is the Web Server installed on Windows system.

I was reading that Apache is the best Web Server one can use on Linux systems. nginx has been found to work well than apache on Windows system by consuming less memory.

Has anyone used nginx before? Is it stable and fast on Linux system.

Kindly read this for more details

Wrong section for the question and if you’re looking for a more lightweight http browser than blows nginx out of the water in both speed and memory consumption, look at lighttpd which is included with SuSE.

lighttpd has long since been left behind for nginx as a web server, particularly in the Ruby on Rails world for heavy lifting. If all you’re doing is serving content and proxying then nginx is the ideal thing to use these days. There are some Suse RPMs built for it.