NFSv4 tutorial needed for OpenSuse 12.1

I’m coming from Ubuntu and I’m looking for a tutorial on setting up an NFSv4 server in OpenSuse 12.1.

So far I found these sites:
This is not complete enough, but what’s there is helpful.
This one is for 11, not 12.1

Maybe this is the best reference. Is it applicable to 12.1?

FYI, I’m not going to use Kerobos and I don’t want to use portmap* either. (* I don’t even see such a package in OpenSuse anyway)

I plan to install all the packages with zypper. (I decided to just learn zypper, which I like, and not mess with installing packages via the GUI, which I find confusing in OpenSuse.)

I assume I just need to:

zypper in nfs-kernel-server

Is anything else needed? In Ubuntu, there is also a package called nfs-common that needs to be installed, but I don’t see this one in OpenSuse (instead there is nfs-client which Ubuntu doesn’t have).

Is “nfsidmap | NFSv4 ID Mapping Library” optional if I have made sure all user ID’s are the same on all machines? (It is a very small LAN.)