NFSv4 Error - Unable to start idmapd

A previous poster (w2tq here) noted that when attempting to start the NFS Server from YaST2 (running openSuse 13.1), the following error was recieved: “Unable to start idmapd. Check your domain setting” and later reported the problem was overcome - perhaps - by ignoring the warning.

I am seeing similar errors in YaST2, but on checking logs I see that the NFS Server is started and when tested can be accessed from remote clients on my LAN.

I wonder if this is a bug or (more likely) an unknown error in my (very amateur) network setup? How should I check?

I’m thinking that no one wants to talk about this issue.
I also do not know to solve it.
The OpenSuse administrators need to know that we are not just one.
NFS should be our Linux proud of, but not being.