NFS SERVER STARTUP NFS has no timeout on external shares

Hi I have been thru all the forums and look for a solution to the fact that nfs will not timeout on external shares.

I have added all the parameters suggested by different posts, etc to no avail , the only solution I have found is to go and boot into single user mode, comment out the fstab entries , then reboot
enable the entries again in fstab and see what mounts.

Not having the system completely load on the failure makes it impossible to look at the journal to find any errors, and beside these are my backup shares for my nas and don’t need to be online for me to use my system.

What I have been unable to find(maybe looking in wrong places) is a simple explanation on how to change the service startup to have a short timeout for this service instead of waiting forever.

Can someone please tell me where to look for these timeouts as I am also getting frustrated that my system waits for 2.5 min for a missing smb share as well. Is systemd really this single threaded?

It would be nice to have a system that starts up and I am able to simply check the journal to see the source of errors without having to change the system configuration etc.

I also understand that in some circumstance that the NFS shares are critical to correct system start, But I guess we the users should be able to choose what is critical or not, Thinking so anyway

Any help appreciated
Brian G

All things in fstab must start before the system can fully start

have you added nofail to the boot parameters in fstab??

If you are talking about external shares, then you are really talking about NFS client rather than NFS server.

I recommend using “autofs” (the automounter).