NFS Server on Yast?

I have been through the opensuse wiki on setting up an NFS server as I wish to share from this computer to my laptop. I recall at one time here was an option for NFS Server on the Network Services tab in Yast but this has now gone.
What do I have to do to set up the NFS server now please?

You can install the YaST module, either using zypper or YaST. The package name is yast2-nfs-server.
It will probably draw in yast2-nfs-common (when not already installed).
And while you are there, check if nfs-kernel-server is installed. Else you have the Yast module, but nothing to let it work on ;).

You can also edit /etc/exports yourself (easy enough) and then start NFS either using systemctl commands or through YaST > System > Services Manager the service nfsserver.

I assume that when you configure using the YaST module, YaST will be so friendly to enable and start nfsserver for you.

Hi Henk,
Many thanks and all clear. Will see how I get on but my reading tells me I should also have DNS set up for this NFS server to be used correctly. I never got to grips with DNS so more work to do but if you have advice on this I shall ask for help.

I do not use a DNS server in combination with NFS.
This is a strict local/home situation and I have all (in any case less then five) systems in the /etc/hosts files of the systems. I use those in NFS server configuration (/etc/exports) and client (/etc/fstab). But even that is not needed. You can use the IP addresses in both configurations. But this requires of course that you have static IP addresses (e.g. using Wicked).

I also use “/etc/hosts” for the local NFS server.

I still use DHCP on that server. But I have configured my home router to always give that NFS server the same IP.