NFS permissions

Using Yast I set up my 10.3 nfs server as follows:-

Export directory - /home/ion/SHARE
Host wild card -
Options - fsid=0,rw,root_squash,sync,no_subtree_check

On my client side…

Server -
Remote file system - /home/ion/SHARE
Mount point - /home/ingrid/ION-IN
Options - defaults

Both directories have all read/write permissions. I can read from the client side, but I can’t write. I believe I need to modify the “defaults” option to at least rw, but when I try the files disappear.

Any suggestions?

My error was in letting Yast do my thinking for me. The options should have been a simple “rw” for both the server and client. Since the client is a specific address there is no need of security in this case.