nfs performance

I have finally got my clients authenticating and automounting home drives, however I had to export
every home directory

I was trying just to export /home on the server
and then have clients connect to that and move into
their own home directory but that didn’t seem to work

Is there any performance differences between

  1. exporting /home and then having ( for example ) 1000 clients connecting to it and moving to the home directories
  2. exporting all the home directories and having one client connecting to each of them



To me your set-up is not clear. Could you show the /etc/exports from your NFS server and an */etc/fstab *from at least one of your NFS clients? When there are thousands of lines, please show an excerpt so we can see what you are doing.

What do you mean by “automounting home drives”. Are you using the automounter with /etc/auto.master? I ask because many people seem to call “the mount of all mounts defined in /etc/fstab on boot”: automounting.

This is just a test set up but I am wondering what happens if I scale this to 1200 users

I have an LDAP server that does authentication and has a NIS map for the automounter on the clients - there are no entries in auto.master or auto.home

Clients start up and users authenticate off the ldap server and the automounter maps /home/usernamehere etc

exports on the server has a line for each home drive exported ( at the moment a few but in the future 1200 ish is the plan )

When I was testing Redhat ( I had to write my own ldap stuffer for want of a better description ) I just exported /home on the file server and then mounted that and the clients got /home/usernamehere. However I haven’t managed to get opensuse to do it that way. I have to export every home directory. Since opensuse generally works much better than Redhat I’m quite happy to do it this way if there is no performance penalty. As in, is there any difference between - one export used by 1200 users or 1200 exports each used by a single user. Since I will have to write something that takes my 1200 users and populates my ldap server it’s no big deal to add a bit that puts entries in the exports file

I’m not at work now until Tuesday so I hope that’s enough to explain what I’m trying to do - otherwise I post more details then