NFS performance issue


I am having a major NFS performance issue, I have three machines, two are fine, the other one the boot time is around the 6 minutes mark, 5:15 for NFS 0:45 for everything else. I really dont know whats going on as I cant find any documentation on debugging the NFS client, but I do know its appears to be the sm-notify thats taking an age.

The only clue in /var/log/messages is this

an 23 22:54:29 av avahi-daemon[1949]: Service "av" (/etc/avahi/services/ssh.service) successfully established.
Jan 23 22:54:29 av avahi-daemon[1949]: Service "SFTP File Transfer on av" (/etc/avahi/services/sftp-ssh.service) successfully established.
Jan 23 23:01:14 av python: hp-systray[3591]: warning: No hp: or hpfax: devices found in any installed CUPS queue. Exiting.

All three clients are openSuSE 11.2, one is 64 bit two are 32 bit and its one of the 32 bits thats having the problem.

Any thoughts on how I debug the client to find out whats going on?


de-install the hp-system tray stuff. It is not finding a printer anyway. At least a place to start.