NFS/NIS client problem in OpenSUSE 12.2

I recently setup a new workstation to be an NFS & NIS client using the NFS Client and NIS Client tools in Yast. I installed OpenSUSE 12.2 in this workstation. When I used this workstation to login using KDE, I get an error saying “Call to lnusertemp failed (temporary directories full?). Check your installation.” When I ssh into the new workstation from an older workstation running OpenSUSE 12.1, I can log in and see my NFS files successfully, but then the command prompt looks like “I have no name!@new_workstation:~>”.

I downgraded the new workstation to OpenSUSE 12.1, set it up as an NFS & NIS client using Yast, same procedure. I don’t get any of the problems I mentioned. Everything’s fine.

I would like to use OpenSUSE 12.2. But what could be causing these client problems in 12.2 which I don’t get with 12.1?

Conclusion 1: NFS works, since you see the exports mounted on the client.

Usually the lnusertemp message means that /tmp cannot be used. Cause can indeed be a full disk, but also a permission issue. Did you confgure the NIS client during install or after? My default is to do this during install, and I have had no issues.

In both cases (OpenSUSE 12.1 and 12.2), I configured NIS after installing.

The /tmp directory on my new (i.e., the problematic, OpenSUSE 12.2-running) workstation has only 144K worth of files in it, and has “drwxrwxrwt” permissions. In comparison, the /tmp directory on one of the older (i.e., the no-problemo, OpenSUSE 12.1-running) workstations has 3.8M worth of files in it, and has the same “drwxrwxrwt” set of permissions.

I just setup a NFS Client in 12.2 and it works. Mind you I don’t use NIS Client which might be the problematic one. Just an ideea.

Solution found! Simply start/run nscd on the OpenSUSE 12.2 NIS client.