NFS mounting problem with AutoYast installation


I am trying to use AutoYast on SUSE 11.0 with NFS installation source server and no DHCP setup.

Basically, I set up the network configuration manually(Server IP, Host IP, etc.) using the boot option and the SUSE 11.0 DVD was the booting device. During the “Basical Installation” process and at the “Perform Installation / Loading Package Manager / Refresh Sources” step:

Baiscal Installation

*AutoYast Settings:

*Perform Installation:

[INDENT]*Loading Package Manager[/INDENT]





I got an error message like this:

***Cannot access the installation Media (Medium1)

Check whether the server is accessible***

( detail: )

***Failed to mount IP:/PATH on /var/adm/mount

/AP_0x00000001: Mounting Media failed (mount.nfs:internal error)***

When I skipped the error, the installation skipped rest of the “Loading Package Manager” and continued to the next step and finished with all packages installed.

Anyone knows what causes the problem and how to fix it?