NFS mount works manually, but not during boot up ... why?

From my openSUSE 11 client computer, I can do an NFS mount with the following command to another openSUSE 11 computer (which is the server):

mount server_name:/data /test_mount

so the /data directory on the “server” computer gets mounted to the /test_mount directory on the “client” computer.

This works fine.

But when I tried to make this mount automatically during boot up, it doesn’t work.

This is what I did:

On the “client” computer, inside the /etc/fstab file, this is what I have:

server_name:/data /test_mount nfs defaults 0 0

After rebooting the client computer, the mount point is not mounted. Any suggestion as to how to fix this problem? Thanks.

That is probably due to the network not being up when your trying to
mount the remote file system? Shouldn’t you be using a client utility
like mount.nfs?

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Your entry in /etc/fstabs looks allright. Did you check if **dmesg **gives you any errors?

Also, having this entry, can you mount by hand giving only the mountpoint:

mount /test_mount

or does this give errors?

i stumbled upon the same problem and in my case enabling the “nfs client services” in the runlevel editor was the solution.

I believe you are correct.

But what’s the syntax to turn on “NFS client” from the client computer?

As flurl saus: YaST > System > System Services (Runlevel)
Scroll to ‘nfs no NFS client services’, select, click Enable, click Finish.

I am also having problems with nfs mounting during boot, but on 11.1. See post.

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Did you create the fstab entry yourself or did you use the nfs client in yast2? Starting in 10.3 if you did not use the nfs client in yast2 then the nfs share would not mount at boot. The nfs client must be writing some data in another file besides fstab. Because I never saw a differance between the entries in fstab that I created and the ones created by the nfs client.