NFS install fails

Hi @ll. :slight_smile:

I’m not new to Linux operating systems. Working with Linux since kernel 0.0.99, wich came out in 1993. :slight_smile:

Have some probs with the new suse 11.2.

I have a router/gateway/dhcp/nfs server, wich has all the files needed for install. I burn only the network installer as I always do.

Every works fine, until some files needs to be hardlinked.

Then I get error: Could not link/copy a file from media.1 in my tmp directory.

This problem I have on all my PC’s on the workfloor, aswell on my own PC’s, at my own place.

Installation over HTTP works fine, but then it takes over 2 hours to install, wich would normally be something of 45 mins.

If you have over 1200 PC’s to install, then it would take me a year to upgrade all the PC’s on the workfloor. :frowning:

Do more people have this problem, and if yes, what did you do to resolve this?

Any answer would be appreciated.