NFS Fix ports - SuSE 9 SP3


I want to fix the ports that NFS is using. I think the NFS service depends on these daemons:

-portmap port 111
-rpc.statd random port
-rpc.nfsd port 2049
-rpc.lockd random port
-rpc.mountd random port
-rpc.rquotad random port

I have read some document on the web like this HOWTO: Configure NFS for control by Firewalls and IPTABLES

but I want to implement in a SuSE 9 SP3, and I can’t find the rights files

Can someone help me??


The only one I know about is mountd, and for OpenSUSE 10.3. It’s a setting in /etc/sysconfig/nfs called MOUNTD_PORT. Maybe it’s the same in SLES9.