nfs configuration

while configuring nfs in suse 11.1 the mounted file is read only evenif i have given rw option in /etc/exports

See this is yoiur first post here: Welcome!

But such a short problem description is ver, very seldom providing enough information to even get the slightest idea about your setup.
To begin with openSUSE 11.1 is long out of support and thus very few people here may be able to check your actions by doing them likewise on their own systems.

Then real information is needed. Like the output of

cat /etc/exports

on your NFS server and

cat /etc/fstab

on the client. And while talking about the client, are both systems openSUSE 11.1?


on the client. And

ls -ld <the-mount-point>

where of course <the-mount-point> is the real mountpoint you use.

And please all those computer text should be copy/pasted in a post between CODE tags: