NFS Client machine freezes after server drops off

I have a 11.1 NFS server and several 11.1 NFS clients. If for some reason the server shuts down before the clients then the clients become almost frozen, particularly KDE is rendered useless even after cycling back to init 3 then init 5. I would like to make the clients immune to shutdowns on the server.


What exactly do you export from the server and mount on the clients? That’s where the problem lies. If you want the clients to be completely immune for NFS, then don’t use it.

On my server NFS exports /home, all clients mount it. No way the clients could go on for long if I shut down the server.

My server (a retired veteran in the cellar) only serves multimedia via samba and NFS, and provides nothing essential to the functioning of the clients. I know that I could shift everything over to Samba which tolerates this situation but somehow I would like to keep NFS going just for the learning experience…


in your nfs client, try to use hard,intr options in your /etc/fstab