NFS client does not see new files

I am using Leap 15.4 and have a NFS setup with a Synology NAS that exports different shares. This setup has worked for years and is still working on a laptop that is also Leap 15.4 and has same users and mount options.
However my stationary computer has this strange issue, that if I create a file in one of the shares, is is not visible at the client. It is only visible at the client after a reboot.
The files are visible when I log in at the file-manager through the web-interface for the NAS.

The shares are all mounted with default mount options as in the Yast NFS setup.
Has anybody experienced this and found a mount solution?
Thank You in advance

Have a read of this recent thread…

What kernel are you using?

This sounds like a reported bug with the 5.14.21-150400.24.49.3 kernel. If that’s what you are using, try updating to the newest kernel (just out today).

To find your kernel level, you can use

uname -a

It seems working for me on Leap15.4 now after yesterdays update to kernel 5.14.21-150400.24.55.

It is working for me too since kernel update. Thank You!