nfs and /etc/exports - excluding certain subdirectories

I have a nfs share on my 11.4 workstation at /abcd. I’d like to export everything under /abcd except for one directory /abcd/dontexport

I searched online for such an option but only came across noaccess option which doesn’t seem to work.

exportfs says it is an unrecognized option if I run “exportfs -ra”

This is how my /etc/exports looks like:

/abcd	*(rw,wdelay,root_squash,no_subtree_check,anonuid=12345,anongid=6789)


What about just giving that directory the mode 700? or maybe 770 and make the local users members of a the group owning the directory, so other people in lan will not be allowed to access it.

Oh boy I guess my thought process is totally lost :expressionless: - that was a neat trick, created a new group nfspriv, added my userid to the group, modified the directory permissions to my user and the group, and the mode to 0770. Thanks :slight_smile: