nextcloud wizard wont create user or db

I trying to finish nextcloudb instalation I keep having the same error.
I have followed those instructions
Before wiping the pc I’ve tried onwcloud with that error too, nextcloud both from wizard and command line.
If I choose sqlite it works, but with mysql/mariadb don’t work.
Nexcloud package comes from Php repo and http/lamp server packages were installed.
Did anyone had that kind of error or know any solution?

AFAIK you’d have to create the database+user first when using mysql, then enter the credentials in nextcloud.

Have you tried:

I just selected the Leap-42.2 link on this page from a pristine Betaa installation. The YaST “one-click” worked flawlessly to install the NextCloud-10.0.1 server and all the dependencies – I am now interested in providing it as a service to clients from one of our production servers.

Sometimes just typing the name of the application into the openSUSE search (that is part of the default Firefox) is better than searching the Internet for alien software and instructions.

that’s exactly what I have

I’ll give it a try again tomorow!

acrodrigues wrote:

> eng-int;2795581 Wrote:
>> Have you tried:
> that’s exactly what I have

No, it is not.
Above is a rpm and you use manual installation.

My tip.
Use Repo.