Nextcloud integration in Dolphin

Hi all. My question is can we Sync a folder in Dolphin (on the Leap 15.1 Desktop) with our Nextcloud Server? - or are we limited to using Webdav to open files on Nextcloud. My plan was to be able to sync a Folder on my Mobile Phone to Nextcloud Server to a Folder on my Desktop and for this to happen automatically.

The nextcloud-client is installed. It opens a window with two tabs - General and Network.

Dophin file manager does not appear to have a sync tool. If I select a folder and right click, I see not way to enable Sync. However if I select a single file in that folder and right click a “Share” menu appears offering to link it to Nextcloud. When I select this - a window appears with Nextcloud Upload highlighted. This window remains blank. It has options to run or cancel the operation. The run button is greyed out.

I can use webav to open files in the Nextcloud Server, but I want a sync facility to synchronize files across my internet tools. When I google I get a detailed explanation of how to do this in Nautilus File manager, but not much help with Dolphin.

Any ideas on how to proceed?

The nextcloud client does just that. I use it to sync most of my homedir. In Dolphin I simply work with the local copies in ~/Nextcloud and all changes are synced. Same on my phone. And, on a “strange” computer I only need a browser to have access to everything.

Not sure how to make it happen. In the Nextcloud-client mine says “Use System Proxy”. Do you have any network settings in place? How does the the client know where it is syncing?


You need to enter your account details first, to connect to your server.

Ok thanks, you have given me an idea. I am logging into Nextcloud from this PC without problem. I just need to get the Connection Wizard to do the same.
Stay tuned.