nextcloud client ask for password everytime I swith on my computer


I’m using nextcloud client to sync some directories against my nextcloud server. It works great but every time I log in with my user (every time I switch on my computer), the nextcloud client starts and says “you have been logged out of as user xxxx. Please, log in again”.
Is there any method to avoid it?

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Are you using KDE / Gnome / XFCE?

More specifically, which “wallet” are you using to hold your passwords? e.g. gnome keyring or KDE Wallet ?

According to this resource:

The issue is likely that the “wallet” detection logic in the next cloud client is not working correctly and hence its not storing your username / password in a “wallet” and thus prompting you for it each time.

If you are using KDE and KDE Wallet, try launching the nextcloud client on the command line using:


It should prompt you for the username / password once and when you quick the client and run the same command (above) again, should automatically log you in.

Yes, I use kwallet.
When I run the code you posted nextcloud begins without asking for a password. I think I already said kwallet to keep nextcloud password.
Maybe the problem is that when login in kwallet ask for the master password and until I type it is blocked so when nextcloud client tries to start it has no pass.