Next kernel update, the sooner the better

Does anyone know when the next kernel update comes out?

Many of use had the mouse freeze up from 3 seconds of non use after the last kernel update. Making opensuse 11.3 unusable.

I really started to like opensuse for the first time until this happened. For now I’m back to using Mandriva until someone fixes the kernel. The last update should not have been allowed to even come out.

Please fix the kernel so we can use opensuse 11.3 again!

The workaround for the USB autosuspend bug widely discussed and described in another thread (you know where) solved that issue.

do you have the link? I only remember running the command to the older kernel and that didn’t work.

Kernels are released by,
openSUSE 11.3 is from Novell/openSUSE chain.

Not sure did you update the kernel after you installed 11.3, or is it the kernel shipped with 11.3.

What kernel is your Mandriva using? Is it older, newer or same as what openSUSE 11.3 is using?

While you can certainly go to Mandriva assuming it meets your needs, there are other ways too

  • you can roll back to 11.2 with older kernel,
  • try using a different desktop gnome lxde xfce and see if they also exhibit the behavior
  • try different fixes as suggested in this forum to work through where the problem really is.

How about also the freezing with a large majority of Intel chipsets.

Primarily the G33 and 945 series. I’m sure theres way more then thoses.

I have to agree the available kernels have issues. works ok for me but I’ve hit a wall with the 2.6.36x versions. Why not make the stable kernel available? No idea if it would help the intel users or if thats more of a config issue… but why not throw it out there and find out.

I’m reading some bug reports where people are saying its an Intel upsteam issue, send the bugs there. Then that would mean all other distros would
have the same freezing on Intel iron, however, I continually see the freezes exclusively on SUSE systems.

We’re talking about some of the most prevelant hardware out there, the Intel integrated graphics and chipsets.

I’m just saying.

You can watch the bug here