Newsflash install problem


I tried to install Newsflash (ENSISOFT) which is a tar.gz file using the instructions on the site. But when I extract and click on the it just opens as a text and nothing happens.

What goes wrong?

Installation instructions for Linux users:
Extract the package, for example with “tar -zxvvf newsflash_plus_3.2.0.tar.gz”
and run the dist_final/ shell script.


You’ll need to run it with

sh <packagename>

Looks pretty widowsy to me, regardless of the claims. Would I trust it? No

Well I also used it on windows and it worked pretty well :). But what do I have to do. I extracted the package and then? dubbel click on so it opens and type sh newsflash ? ps strange thing is I dont see the folder when using extract here in the download folder…But when I extract here again it says overwrite. How can I see the files?

Look this is not windows
You hardly ever click to install
In the folder where the installer is. Right click the background and select open in terminal
You will get a terminal in the dir you are in with the file manager

Now type:

sh (followed by the first few letters of the installer file name and then hit TAB)
it should auto fill, then hit enter

But I think I would try running the windows installer in wine. Just to throw a curve ball your way.
Or run XP in Virtual Box

I tried it but it says cannot execute binary file…Whats wrong?

Did you make the file executable??

Graphically right click the file select properties select the permission tab and check the box saying executable.

from command line

chmod +x {put the name of the file here without the brackets}
note you can also use the auto-completion caf4926 outlined above.