[News Article] Valve might be tracking every site you visit

Things that make you go hmmmmmm…

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Thank god. I am not into gaming :slight_smile:

It made me go hmmmmmm… +1, and maybe continue without them. :wink:

Lets see how valve responds to this, I would like to hear from them and see their spin on it.
If thery flat out admit it, well actaully thats a good thing as most companies do this behind our backs.
Lets hope Valve has the backbone to confess if this is true.

And this is the reply: http://www.theverge.com/2014/2/17/5421054/valve-isnt-tracking-internet--says-gabe-newell

Yeah I read Newell did reply but the link to his comments on the issue was broken.
I personally like Gabe Newell and honestly think his works for giving linux steams blessing are a good thing and ca in the long term help gain some needed desktop market share.
I know how some in the linux community dont trust him, I actually kind of do.

It’s an interesting and clever explanation. Newell’s remedy of banning suspected cheaters adds credibility to the response, IMO. The cheaters are the equivalent of “shoplifters” on the high street, whereas the more serious criminals are the cheat providers - the dealers and suppliers.