Newly installed widget not in widget list?

Hey! I’m using KDE4.1 in openSUSE 11. In the Add Widgets list, after installing KDE4.1, I’ve clicked on Install New Widgets and have installed a few plasmoids from, but I can’t find my newly installed widgets anywhere. Or anyway, they aren’t in my Add Widgets list (All Widgets sorting mode) and I wouldn’t know where else to look for them. How can I find these widgets to put on my desktop/panels?

While I’m at it, I’m also wondering if there’s any way, maybe some kind of grouping widget, to group icons together on panels so I can have two icons side by side or something.

Thanks for your support.

Installing widgets in kde4 has always been broken for everything other than the stable release. If you want a functionality that’s not provided by any of the bundled widgets, you have to use superkaramba.

No grouping widget is available at the moment either. I’m not sure why the kde team didn’t adopt opensuse’s widget move implementation, but right now, the only way to exercise any control over the placement of the widgets is to edit the file ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-appletsrc.