Newly installed 11.2 Gnome on Compaq

Hello all, I’ve just installed 11.2 Gnome onto a Compaq Presario CQ60. First of all, the laptop is a widescreen, and everything seems a bit too large/ distorted. How do I go about fixing this problem. All of the webpages are too large and have the horizontal slide bar on the bottom of Firefox.

Second, when I open up Banshee, import my music and try to play any of it, Banshee just marks all of the songs with a red X and won’t play. Any ideas? Thank you much for your help :slight_smile:

Click on ‘computer>control center’ and set the fonts in Look and Feel>Appearance.
To get firefox to display in a smaller sreen, use: Ctrl - or Ctrl + for larger.
For the second problem, go to Yast>repositories and search for Community Repos. Add the Packman Repo and the install the gstreamer-fluendo plugins for mp3 support as well as the others.
For mpeg playback and multimedia dvd support, enable the videolan repo and install libdvdcss. Disable the videolan repo and the install the gstreamer plugins: good, bad, ugly as well as the mpeg plugins for gstreamer from the packman repo.
There is a help bit for kde which is basically similar, but for kde which will give you the genearl idea of how to install for gnome. (

What resolution is set in Display Preferences?

Display Preferences was the first place that I looked, and it’s currently set to 800x600. When I clicked on that to see about changing it, there are NO other display options. That’s the only one. And font doesn’t change the actual screen…size, I guess. Also, scrolling in firefox is really choppy, and doesn’t scroll smoothly. And smooth scrolling for firefox is enabled. And the choppiness seems to be system-wide as well; not just firefox. Would I have these problems if I switched to KDE?

Ok What video chip? Have you installed the propritary drivers for that chip?

I have not installed any proprietary drivers yet. I don’t know how to check to see what I need to do that.