Newi install boot errors

I built a new system around an EVGA Z390 FTW motherboard and set it up to dual boot Windows (installed first) and Leap 15.1. Everything seems to have installed correctly, I get a boot menu with Leap 15.1 and Windows, Windows loads just fine but when I select Leap 15.1 I get a series of error messages which then go away and the boot continues successfully. I get the same errors if I boot from a GPARTED USB or a Clonezilla USB. It seems to be Linux related. Any ideas? Here is a screenshot. I’m not doing this right, can’t get the image to display instead of the link.

ACPI errors are generally not a cause for concern. BIOS updates will often cure or reduce them. See e.g.

Thanks, that link is helpful. It may explain why I’m also having startup/shutdown anomalies. I’ll pursue this with EVGA.