Newest version of Firefox

I’m a newbie with Opensuse. How can I download the newest version of Firefox (Firefox 79) I don’t like Firefox ESR 78. I thank you for your response!

You can add the mozilla repo and switch to the packages from there:

zypper ar -f mozilla-firefox
zypper dup --allow-vendor-change --from

An easy way to find latest stuff on opensuse is to use, search for the package, and then you’ll see a button called “Experimental”, from there you can use 1-click-install to get the repo set up, and the package installed. Just be sure to go into yast later and set the repositories priority to what you want.

But it is better to use less Repos, the more Repos, the more errors…

I guess that depends. If his intention is to want the latest firefox, then he definitely needs to have the mozilla repo. But I do agree the more repos you stack on, the more maintence it brings. I personally never had an issue handling it though

I also prefer to have a slim repo list, in fact I only add Packman.
Though there are other ways to add Firefox, as a flatpak or even directly from Mozilla. Not everyone’s cup of tea but nevertheless another option. That said I think the Mozilla repo is preferable and should work and integrate well.