Newest version of a package from different repository?


I updated my laptop to Suse 11.4. My procedure for updating the installed packages was, to klick on the list of packages that are installed in the installation source @ system in YAST and choose “Update if newer version is available”. Up to Suse 11.3 Yast automatically chooses the latest version from each available repository that is installed (eg, Packman or Mozilla Build Service). With 11.4 however, I noticed that it only updates a package, if a newer version is avalible in the repository from which the package originally origines. Since I don’t want to look through 4 GB of packages manually, whether there are newer versions in another repository available, I ask you if I there is a posibility to get the old behavior of YAST back.



That is because if you have used the Package switch say on Packman (which you would).You don’t want a OSS gstreamer update switching it from Packman.

Generally you method of updating should work, I use it that way. And once you have the package switching the way you want it, you should be good.