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I just installed opensuse 11.2 on my computer and so far I am very impressed. I was able to quickly and easily install the nvidia driver and configure twinview without even entering the terminal. Everything else “just worked”. Yast and sax2 are awesome. Very impressive workmanship and a gorgeous distro. I dual-boot with XP and really like the way the boot menu has a background and nice looking fonts. It looks much more professional than most linux distributions I’ve looked at. One of my favorite features with opensuse so far has been the security warnings when you’re getting ready to do something that might be stupid. They are clearly written in a way that lets someone who isn’t an IT professional or a computer geek make good decisions.

Welcome to the forum. Good to hear things went well.
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A very warm welcome here, and thanks for sharing this. Always good to read that someone truely enjoys openSUSE. And …you haven’t seen most of it yet.

Welcome to openSUSE Linux and to our openSUSE forum.

Here are some links that you may find useful :

Good luck and I hope your experience with openSUSE continues to be mostly positive.

Welcome to the forums of openSUSE, an0dos :slight_smile:

Other than the useful links provided in the above posts, should you still have any problems, never be afraid to ask for help in the respective sub-forums. There are always plenty of friendly people here to help you.

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