loaded open suse 11.2 from download nothing works, an error comes up kde nepomuk not activated. and i cant do any thing in yast2, everything comes back to the error. any help would be apprec.

Can you give more info? Describe the hardware. You say nothing works, but it sounds like you’re booting and successfully getting into KDE. Right? “Everything comes back to the error.” Again, be more specific. What’s “Everything?”

Are you running the live CD? Or did you do a full install? If a full install, did you set up a dual boot (with what?), or did you wipe the disk and give it all to Suse?

Many people here love to help, but you have to give them something to work with.

And next time use a better thread name. Pick one that minimally describes the problem so you attract the right experts.

Lots can be wrong …

  1. Loaded from download … how. downloaded in windoze & made liveCD/Install DVD or maybe you downloaded in another linux and created the liveCD or DVD using cdrecord or k3b
  2. did you check the md5chksum before the burn to make sure you got a good download?
  3. Since you have Yast2 going it’s a forgone conclusion that you are booting but into what a livecd session or an installed version?
  4. What are trying to do that is raising the errors? Install software, configure printing, configure networking or wifi, working with an application, mount filesystems, configure samba?

and the list goes on…

What hardware are you using: main PC / Video / Audio / Printers / scanners / networks …

yeldarbs1 wrote:
> an error comes up kde nepomuk not activated. and i cant do any
> thing in yast2, everything comes back to the error.

it sounds a lot like you may have a corrupted install disk…

  1. did you get your install image from ? (then where?)
  2. did you check the md5sum of the downloaded iso?
  3. burn the disk as slow as you can?
  4. use good media?
  5. do this before install attempt?

if you answered “no” (or “don’t know”) to any of those then see the
following cites, and if we can help further, please ask because we
want you to be successful:

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And while you see that many people flock to your help (we are friendly, aren’t we :), I hope I can encourage you to give the next thread you start a better title. “newbie” is not very descriptive about the problems you have.

And indeed, being more precise abouut what you experience might also be helpfull to us and thus in the end to you. The Forums software does not support web-cams or crystal balls and thus the only way of telling us is by doing more typing and for error messages, more copy/pasting.

I took a look at some previous posts of the OP. Question: did you reinstall after the issues raised by running apps / desktop logged in as root ?