Newbie troubles connecting to wireless network

Hi, I’ve just installed openSUSE, my first Linux install, but I cannot seem to find whre in network connections to enter the details for my wireless network.

I’m using an MSI PC54G2 adaptor, which SUSE seems to be picking up okay, but the problem is, there is nowhere to enter a WEP (64bit) pass for my router. The only options are 128bit.

Can anyone please help?

Have a peek at the stickies, lots of useful info there


What he said…

But why on earth are you using WEP encryption? Its without exception inferior to WPA/WPA2. Anyone with a laptop can crack it in under 10 minutes :confused:

You can follow the below steps to modify your wireless setting.
BSD/Linux Tutorial Zone: Just take few times to modify your network setting on openSUSE 11