Newbie Thinking of Giving Suse a whirl

Hello. I have a Gateway PC with a 2GHZ processor and 1.25GB of RAM and a 30GB hard drive. My video driver is an onboard Intel driver 82845G/GL chipset.

I’ve tried Ubuntu and Debian, but have had issues with both. The culprit in both cases, I think, is the Intel video driver.

(With Ubuntu, I got random freezes where my only recourse was to pull the plug on my computer. The With Debian, after I had a few applications open (music, java apps), the system seemed to be “on its edge” stability-wise and would eventually freeze up. I tried fixing this behavior but eventually hit a dead-end.)

MY QUESTION IS THIS: If I give Open Suse a try, will I end up with the same intel video driver issues which caused me so much grief in Ubuntu and Debian. I have heard that Linux is incredibly stable and fast but have not seen this in practice. I’m looking for a stable, fast, secure Distro. Your input would be very appreciated.

take care.

What intel video card do you have? and how does it show when you run the command


My video driver is an onboard Intel driver 82845G/GL chipset.


I have intel but not this one. I know users do have issue with this one, but some are using it successfully.

The one I’ve had issues with is the 945 chipset that’s installed in a lot of laptops. (Such as my Compaq nx7300.) I got the video to work, and can even get 3D acceleration, but it’s buggy. Images will stay on the screen after I close some applications.

To the original poster: a quick Google on your card shows that there are indeed some issues with getting that to work under Linux, but that they can be fixed. Since I don’t use that one, I can’t be of much help, but maybe someone else here could. From what I’ve seen online, you have to manually edit some of the config files.

My computer also had problems running Ubuntu 9.10 and KUbuntu 9.10 live CDs. KUbuntu didn’t work… Ubuntu took a very long time to start… I also tried Fedora 12 live CD, it too didn’t start at all…

But the openSUSE 11.2 live CD worked perfectly! I later installed it on my computer too!

To the op,
Welcome to the forum. Why not try the live cd first and see how it will perform. My friend here is using an intel also though it is of different model but works well with openSUSE 11.2. It is 82G33 onboard.