Newbie steps for joining SUSE11 to DC Server2003 (Needed)

I am pretty new to Linux and SUSE and a friend and I wanted to join the SUSE11 to DC Server 2003 (Standard Edition)

Can somebody be so kind and write us some detailed steps how to do it?
I believe there are some nice, experienced and detailed people who are willing to help me and many others who are reading this posts.

I have just installed both of the OS and Linux interface is Konqueror.

We would like also later on to access SUSE11 remotely from another client over the internet to play some music which is locally stored on SUSE11.

Thank you in advance for all your help!

I really hope that somebody who knows how is this working and willing to help us, to reply to this post and help us with this issue as many novice people would like to know it and read this post as I can see for future reference.