newbie questions about yast

hi all:

just start opensuse, started sshd via yast —> system —> service amnager. is there way to enable this via command line such as “yast -whatever”?



Yes. “/sbin/yast2 services-manager”.

But you have to run it as root. So either type “su -” (don’t forget the ‘-’), or use one of those:

kdesu /sbin/yast2 services-manager
gnomesu /sbin/yast2 services-manager
xdg-su -c "/sbin/yast2 services-manager"

For a list of all modules, run “/sbin/yast2 -l”.

PS: there’s also a text mode version of yast, just run “sudo /sbin/yast” or “sudo /sbin/yast services-manager” and so on. :wink:

thanks. well, “yast2 services-manager sshd” gives me “text based manual” and it is hard to maneuver around. could we have something like “yast2 services-manager sshd disable” or “yast2 services-manager sshd enable”? i tried and always get that text based manual.

So you want to enable/disable services? I thought you want to start yast2’s Services Manager (or any other module) from the shell.

Forget about YaST then.

You can start/stop services with f.e.:

systemctl start sshd.service
systemctl stop sshd.service

Or enable/disable them (i.e. make them start automatically during boot):

systemctl enable sshd.service
systemctl disable sshd.service

This will print the current status:

systemctl status sshd.service

See also:

thanks for info, greatly appreciated.