Newbie Question

I am new to openSUSE, I have 11.3 KDE and I want to update to 11.4 KDE but I do not have a CD or DVD drive and my flash drive is to small, its an oldie. How do I do it through the OS without breaking the OS. Can someone tell me step by step how to, I have no idea what to do all of this stuff confuses me!
Thanks so much!

On 03/16/2011 12:06 AM, AgentTeddie wrote:
> I have no idea what to do all of this stuff confuses me!

suggest you continue using 11.3 for a few months…it is a great
system and is more stable and less trouble prone than 11.4 (look around)

use that time to become more familiar with openSUSE and Linux in
general…let the more experienced suffer with the growing
pains…then when there have been several rounds of bug fixing rolled
into the code, THEN upgrade…

between now and then you might even find the two different methods to
upgrade…both are written down and easy to follow…and, no one has
to type them into a forum post just for you…

oh, and you also get to have more time to un-confuse yourself by
learning … how does that sound?

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“It is far easier to read, understand and follow the instructions than
to undo the problems caused by not.” DD 23 Jan 11

you can follow these intructions:
How To Upgrade OpenSUSE 11.3 To 11.4 (Desktop & Server) | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

worked for me.