newbie question

I’m pretty new to openSuse and have chosen to use VMware to create a vm of version 11 for developmental play. I’m not sure what I did but in the effort to customize my desktop I have removed the wallpaper and all associated icons. If I review the folder “Desktop” for these icons they do indeed exist. What can I do to correct this accident? I would like to have the desktop wallpaper and icons back.

Are you using KDE4, KDE3 or GNOME?

I am using Gnome.

I don’t use GNOME. So I am taking a stab in the dark here.

Can you right click on the desktop and get a menu? See if there is a option for desktop settings (or something similar).

Also in the control panel there should also be a section for desktop.

Do you have the toolbar still?

There is a way to have nautilus stop rendering the desktop, I don’t remember what the command is. You can try and google it to find it or search here in the forums.

Yes, if you right click on the desktop, and choose the last option (sorry I have OpenSUSE in french, then I will try to translate): change background image -> interface (last tab) -> show icons in menus