Newbie question: Xen on openSUSE 11

I tried to find the answer on this BBS’ FAQs, to no avail. I loaded (installed) Xen hypervisor via YaST. It asked that I reboot into “Xen” installation (boot menu). When I tried to select the Xen install, the only thing displayed was fast moving dashes and horizontl lines. I believe that is a sync error. How (and why) did Xen reconfig my vid adapter? How do I gain access to Xen, if I cannot read what I am typing in?

Please advise,

just so you know that it is not just you: I have done the exact same thing and all I got was lots of scrolling text, just like a non-GUI login and eventually to a user login prompt. I was expecting a GUI login.

At least I am not on an island!
However, does anyone have a recommendation on how to configure my Xen install so that my video card is functional?


Are you using either the ATI or Nvidia driver installed via their installer (not through Yast)? If you are, the driver needs to be recompiled for the new kernel. Just follow the instructions for installing their driver again.

If you are using the repo versions through Yast, I believe it will automatically have done this when you installed Xen. But maybe it doesn’t. You can always try to redo the driver installation via zypper.

I don’t know if this will fix it, but it is the first thing I thought of.