Newbie question regarding KDE 4.5.1

(Thanks to tommyttt for pointing me in the right direction.)

I downloaded the Live CD and I love the way KDE 4.5.1 looks and runs. I noticed when I updated the Live CD, the openSUSE-related packages installed and things like Openoffice download. Awesome. My question is this; I noticed when OOo started, it didn’t have the openSUSE branding. Neither did Gimp. Is this an issue? Am I using the right versions of these softwares? Just want to make sure everything is cool, before I commit to installing the OS on my hard drive.

I’m using openSUSE as part of a 30-day experiment to see if I can be just as productive in Linux as I am in a Windows environment. For me, it’s not about which OS is better, but if the OS allows me to be productive. (I’m a writer and web zine publisher.)

After the 30 days are up (which will end on October 12) I want to be able to stick with openSUSE 11.3 (with KDE 4.5.1) or know why I cannot and return to Windows 7. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is just around the corner, and I need my system up and running smoothly during that time.

Additionally, I noticed that some programs like Skype require 32-bit files to work. Will adding the 32-bit files mess up my 64-bit installation?

Adding the 32 bit versions of the files is no problem just add the ones that have 32 in the name

If the programs work I’d not worry too much about branding.

You should read this before installing.

New User How To/FAQ (read only)

Reading it now. Thanks for the link.