Newbie question: get debian/ directory from git repo

Hi I am new to OBS and I couldn’t find much information on how to archive this.

I am trying to build a deb package for an open source project. I know there are existing packages on OBS but I want to practice using OBS.

I can get the source tar.gz by download_files with some URL provided by the project official page; the problem is the debian/ directory. Existing packages on OBS upload a packageName-version-debian.tar.xz directly, but I want to maintain the debian/ directory in github.

One approach is to use obs_scm with extract, but that means in my github repo I can’t have a debian/ directory with the normal files such as control, rules, etc, but I need to maintain files debian.control, debian.rules, etc. in the github repo, which is not very elegant. Also for this particular open source project, it has 10+ files under debian, and with a few subdirectories. So even if I choose to use debian.control, it is tedious to list all of them in extract; also it is unclear how to allow subdirectories.

Another approach I tried was to use is obs_scm and tar and recompress, but the generated tar.gz has the directory structure of packageName-version/debian/**, which is not recognized by OBS build system. I can’t find any option to strip prefix when using obs_scm or tar.

Any ideas? Thanks.