Newbie question about mrtg package for ppc64le

Hi everybody,

i’m completely new to OpenBuildService…

I’m looking for a mrtg package for ppc64le (SLE 15 SP2)
has a package, but only for x86.

Would it be possible to build it for ppc64le?

mrtg-2.17.7-2.47.ppc64le.rpm (370 KB) from
seems to be too new, may be for SP3:

rpm -Uvh mrtg-2.17.7-2.47.ppc64le.rpm

error: Failed dependencies: is needed by mrtg-2.17.7-2.47.ppc64le

rpm -qf /lib64/


Try the one for Leap 15.2 ports.

Branch package and add ppc64le architecture to SLE 15 SP2. You can actually delete everything else to spare CPU cycles on OBS.

mrtg-2.17.7-lp152.2.1.ppc64le.rpm works for SLE15 SP2, thanks.